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where musicians are made

Our mission is simple:

To foster your creative potential.

For us, it's more than just school; we prepare students to reach their individual goals at all music levels. Students often call on us to prepare for performing arts auditions, worship team prep, commercial gigs, National Competitions (American Idol, America's Got Talent), music festivals, College Prep, School plays, or "just for the love of it".

We're passionate about ALL things music, from teaching aspiring young musicians to preparing new recording artists for their professional journey to success.

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Teacher showing student how to play grand piano

...with Excellence.

Get Schooled.

Our hand-picked Professional Instructors are seasoned musicians, performers and experienced teachers in their fields. All they ask of you is to bring the same passion and commitment to your lessons that they bring!

Se habla español.

Our Teachers

Meet your Instructors.

Lannie Battistini smiling holding sheet music
Lannie Battistini

Owner, Principal

Lannie is an award-winning pianist, recording artist, songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer. For the past 35+ years, he has infused his undying love for musicianship into countless performances, productions, and everything in between. 

As a graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music, he’s produced and/or been involved with over150 albums/singles across many genres. With 4 original jazz albums under his belt, Lannie knows what it takes to develop talent and artistry in aspiring musicians pursuing professional careers.



LATIN GRAMMY® Award Winner Producer

2X GLOBAL MUSIC AWARD Winner as Arranger/Composer and Best Album of the Year

GRAMMY® Award Winner keyboardist

LATIN GRAMMY® Award Winner keyboardist

LATIN GRAMMY® Award Nominee as keyboardist/Pianist


Lannie keeps up to date within the music industry as an active voting member:  GRAMMY® Awards and LATIN GRAMMY® Awards. 


As the director/owner of Hands In Motion School of Music, Lannie only brings excellence and also hand picks his Instructors to follow suit.  Within the solid curriculum, HIMM school Instructors teach their students how to perform in various music genres such as Jazz, Worship, Gospel, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul, Funk, All Latin and Tropical genres, Reggae, Orchestral, and Neo-Classical.


Lannie currently provides lessons to intermediate/advanced students in piano, Jazz Improv, Professional Vocal Techniques, Professional Performance, Worship Performance Training, music theory, sight reading & College Prep. For advanced students he teaches Arranging/ Compositions and Music Productions. also songwriting workshops upon availability.


For more info, visit 

Lannie Battistini smiling performing on stage
faye nepon

Professional Vocal, Piano

Theatrical Voice Coaching, 

Acapella & Vocal Jazz

Technique & Theory, Sight Reading

Music Fundamentals Program

(for ages 4 - 6)

jay puente
Drums, Percussion & Latin Percussion, Performance, Technique, Sight Reading, & Learn 2 Groove: World Beats
Se habla Español
Flute, Recorder (ages 5-8), 
Performance, Music Theory, Technique, & Sight Reading 
Becoming My Mother.JPG
Jay Puente: Percussion Teacher playing congas
Erika Maldonado: Teacher smiling holding flute sitting at the piano
rose mathias
 Piano (Beginner to Advanced),
Vocal Coaching for Younger Children,
Technique & Theory, Sight Reading
Deybbis yohel
rodriguez contreras

Acoustic Guitar
(Classic & Popular Genres)
Music Theory, Sight Reading, 
Performance Technique
Se habla Español
Classic Piano, Performance, Technique & Theory, Sight Reading, & College Prep
Untitled design (12)_edited.jpg
Kari Hastman: Teacher posing sitting at grand piano
Piano (Beginners), Voice, Worship,
Sight Reading and
Performance Techniques
Languages Spoken:
English, Russian & Native Ukrainian
ana caban
Cello (all levels), Violin, Viola, Performance,
Technique & Theory, 
Sight Reading, & College Prep
Violin, Performance,
Music Theory, Sight-Reading
Ana Caban Pic.webp
Ashley Abraham: Violin teacher smiling holding violin
Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Bass Guitar
Music Theory, Sight Reading &
Performance Technique
Our Students
All of our instructors have the training and years of experience needed to help you reach your goals. More importantly, they are passionate about seeing their students learn and grow. See what we're all about by signing up for music lessons today.

Our Students

What does studying here do for you?


Why we love our jobs.

for the

"My son has been studying under Lannie  for several years and has perfected his voice immensely. I highly recommend this company for aspiring and independent artists that are serious about their craft and careers."

—  Sasha, mother of a student

Mission Statement


At Hands In Motion School of Music and Music Productions, our mission and commitment are deeply rooted in maintaining unwavering integrity and upholding higher standards. We are dedicated to revolutionizing music pedagogy by introducing innovative concepts that shape the future of musical education. As a premier privatized Music School and Full-Service Music Production company, we continually strive to raise the bar and set new benchmarks in our industry.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of music, empowering individuals of all ages and transcending into their families and communities. Recognizing its therapeutic and healing potential, we embrace music as a catalyst for personal growth and development. By studying and applying music, we provide a foundation for self-responsibility, auto-discipline, character-building, resilience, and purpose.

Our commitment extends to preparing our students to apply their knowledge and skills, enabling them to reach their music goals and unlock their full potential. With diligence and consistency, we deliver comprehensive music education that equips our students to become exceptional musicians, performers, composers, songwriters, producers, and recording artists—embracing all aspects of the musical realm.

College Prep or
Professional Performance Education

For students aspiring to pursue further music education, we are dedicated to teaching them how to transform their musical skills into a fulfilling occupation or life's calling. Through our specialized programs such as: College Preparation/Auditions, Professional Music Performance, music marketing departments, workshops, and personalized specialty lessons, we equip these students with the necessary tools to perfect their craft and achieve their goals. We provide an equitable opportunity for them to flourish as professional musicians, producers, or to convert their passion into a long-term and/or life-long vocation.

At Hands In Motion School of Music and Music Productions, we inspire, educate, and empower individuals through the profound language of music. We are committed to fostering a nurturing environment that celebrates creativity, fosters personal growth, and cultivates a lifelong love and appreciation for the art of music.

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