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We're Not Your Typical Music School!

Woman in red dress singing into microphone
Teenage boy playing the drums
Man in black leather coat singing into microphone on stage
Young girl in black leather coat playing bass on stage

Why We're Not Your Typical...


We Care About Our Students & Their Goals!

We truly care about our students and their dreams! Our approach to teaching is far from "one size fits all." We believe in tailoring our instructional methods to each individual because what works for one may not work for another. Our goal is to help foster each student to reach their full potential, enrich their lives with music and enjoy their musical journey for years to come.


Our Music Instructors Elevate Expectations!

Our instructors are not only professionals with music degrees years and/or years of experience teaching but they're also experienced performers. They are genuinely passionate and enthusiastic about seeing their students’ progress. They provide the necessary tools with custom curriculums for effective learning while making sure that the process is enjoyable.


Our Students Shine!

Our students get to shine through our recitals programs, Annual "Showtime" Concert, and at public venues throughout the year. This gives our students a goal to work towards and a chance to shine on stage (at will). We believe in a performance-based approach that promotes confidence as they apply what they've learned in real-life scenarios.

Music Learning Benefits

We believe that music is a gift that enhances our lives!

For Children

  • Enhances cognitive skills: memory, attention, and problem-solving.

  • Fosters creativity, self-expression, and social skills.

  • Boosts emotional intelligence, encouraging empathy and communication.

  • Promotes discipline and perseverance through regular practice.

  • Empowers children with a well-rounded skill set, enriching their lives.

For Adults

  • Enhanced cognitive abilities and memory retention.

  • Stress reduction and improved mental well-being.

  • Increased discipline and time management skills.

  • Heightened creativity and self-expression.

  • Enhanced hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem.

  • Opportunities for socialization and community engagement.

  • Lifelong enjoyment and a fulfilling hobby.

  • Potential career opportunities in the music industry.

Instruments We Teach

To help you meet your music goals, we focus on what you want to learn.

 Browse our vast selection of instruments below!

Piano Keyboard


The Piano is an amazing starter instrument. It enhances motor control, listening, and memory. Through various genre's you will learn melodies fueled by your musical passion and emotion

Drum Sticks laying on top of drums


The drums are the heartbeat to every great song! Embrace the art of expression through rhythm when you begin playing today!

Strumming guitar


From acoustic to electric, this versatile instrument is a great way to enhance cognitive and motor skills. Express your style through each pick or strum!

Playing the violin


The violin is a powerful instrument that makes a statement when heard. It pierces the heart in a beautiful tone that flows from the inside!

A White Bass Guitar


Often underrated, the bass is the backbone of most songs and allows you to experiment with your musical style.

Microphone in studio


Captivate your audience through your most powerful tool, your voice. Through training, you will grab ahold of fundamental techniques to strengthen your sound!

Other Instruments

Clarinet, Flute, Latin Percussion, Recorder (children 5-8), Cello, Ukulele

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