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We're not your typical music school!

Get started with Private & Group music lessons!

Woman in red dress singing into microphone
Teenage boy playing the drums
Man in black leather coat singing into microphone on stage
Young girl in black leather coat playing bass on stage

Why We're Not Your Typical...


Unlock Your Musical Potential!

We never use "cookie-cutter" teaching methods for our students. Instead, we provide solid foundational curriculums customized for each students goal. Our objective is to help each student reach their musical potential. As you apply yourself to our creative teaching methods, you will learn essential foundations about your instrument and have fun doing it!


Our Instructors are Selected Meticulously

All of our instructors are professional musicians with teaching and performance experience. They have degrees in Music and/or Performing Arts with years of formal teaching. From beginner to advanced, they adapt their curriculum according to your musical goals and level of experience. Their deep-rooted passion for music radiates in every lesson!


We Love to Showcase Our Students!

We are a performance based school and offer opportunities for our students to show off what they have learned in class. You will have the chance to participate in our school recitals and public stages as we prepare you with the performance skills necessary to light the stage! Though performing is optional, this practice has proven to build character, increase confidence while playing, and ultimately will bring out another level of excellence in your music! 

Who We Teach

We believe that music is a gift that enhances our lives!

Music Lessons for Children

(from 5 years+)

A productive way to enhaance your childs learning!

What should you consider before starting? Learning an instrument requires focus and discipline. Factors such as age, attention span, and the instrument they're wanting to learn all play a part in this.

What are the benefits?

Your child will develop a skill that they can appreciate for the rest of their life. They will be participating in an activity that is both creatively, mentally, and cognitively engaging. Music is great for improving memory and concentration.

What are their goals?

Do they have a gift and want to pursue formal training? Do they want to improve in their academic music program? We provide important fundamentals that will maximize their music potential from beginner to advanced!

(from 18 years+)

Music Lessons for Adults

Someday starts today to learn a new instrument!

Someday starts today to learn a new instrument!

Someday starts today to learn a new instrument!

Why limit yourself? Start now! 

People of any age can learn an instrument. Even if you have never picked up a guitar or played a piano key, you have the ability to stretch your skills to reach your musical goals!

What are the benefits?

As we get older, there are many things that pull our attention in different directions. Music is a remedy that improves our quality of life. It reduces stress, increases memory, and challenges you to continue to stay teachable and grow! 

What are your goals?

Looking for a fun hobby? Want to jam with friends? Looking to become a professional musician or just for your personal satisfaction? Whatever your reason for learning may be, we've got you covered!

Instruments We Teach

To help you meet your music goals, we focus on what you want to learn.

 Browse our vast selection of instruments below!

Piano Keyboard


The Piano is an amazing starter instrument. It enhances motor control, listening, and memory. Through various genre's you will learn melodies fueled by your musical passion and emotion

Drum Sticks laying on top of drums


The drums are the heartbeat to every great song! Embrace the art of expression through rhythm when you begin playing today!

Strumming guitar


From acoustic to electric, this versatile instrument is a great way to enhance cognitive and motor skills. Express your style through each pick or strum!

Playing the violin


The violin is a powerful instrument that makes a statement when heard. It pierces the heart in a beautiful tone that flows from the inside!

A White Bass Guitar


Often underrated, the bass is the backbone of most songs and allows you to experiment with your musical style.

Microphone in studio


Captivate your audience through your most powerful tool, your voice. Through training, you will grab ahold of fundamental techniques to strengthen your sound!

Other Instruments

Clarinet, Flute, Latin Percussion, Recorder (children 5-8)

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